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On August 16, 2002, Gary Brownell ("Gimp"), the developer of Gimp's Wrestling Software and The Wrestling Ranker software, joined forces with Ray Bennett, creator of Wrestlevania Open Tournament software to create Escape Sports Automation Solutions, Inc.

Gimp's Software has been used to manage the pairing and results at such prestigious events as the NCAA Wrestling Championships, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the National High School Duals and myriad state, regional and club tournaments.

The Wrestlevania Open Tournament software has a primary focus of making a one-day tournament easy to manage, and is best known for its intuitive visual interface.

We came together to form Escape Sports because we share a vision of making positive contributions to the wrestling community through technology innovation. For years we've been building software solutions which make it easier for organizers to put on a quality wrestling event and to give coaches and volunteers more freedom to enjoy the sport.

Yes, timing is everything. We believe that a number of advanced technologies have been commoditized, making affordable innovation through new hardware and software technologies achievable. 

Gimp and Ray have targeted new products that combine the features of their software packages into a new cross-platform application based on current technologies.

Not in a Vacuum
Technology is "cool". Technology without a use is, well, useless. The solutions we develop for the wrestling community are based on years of experience in and around wrestling events. We continue our active support of local, state and national organizations and develop products based on what good wrestling people say they need - not on our desire to play with "cool" technology.

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Gary Brownell (a.k.a. "Gimp")
...co-founder and Applications Specialist, has been involved in amateur wrestling at the national level since 1973. He is known to the national and international wrestling communities as the lead member of the "Computer Corps" at such prestigious events as the 1996 Summer Olympics, NCAA Championships, National Prep Championships, and various state and regional tournaments. He has worked as a freelance programmer and database expert for a number of years, and actively volunteers at Lehigh University and USA Wrestling functions.

Gary holds a degree in Engineering Mechanics and Statistics from Lehigh University.

Ray Bennett
...co-founder and CEO, has been involved with amateur wrestling since the early 1980's. He has been a part of the Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling state organization since 1996 and has been an active part of the wrestling community nearly all his life.

Prior to founding Escape Sports, Ray worked in technology-driven companies for the past 22 years and has held executive-level leadership positions in small ($17M in sales), medium ($150M in sales) and large ($22B in sales) corporations. Ray's executive experience includes work with and for established multi-national corporations, manufacturing and services startups.

Ray is a graduate of Penn State with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

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The first mission of Escape Sports is to become the world's premier provider of products, solutions and services for amateur wrestling events large and small, across the popular styles known as Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman. Escape Sports is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality products and customer support, and strives to be recognized as the leader in sporting event automation.

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