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  Open Tourney Assistant   Large-Scale Events
  Open TOurney Assistant is designed to setup and manage a "typical"  tournament. The Open Tourney Assistant (OTA) gives you all of the functionality necessary to create and run a tournament with as many as 10 divisions and an unlimited number of weight classes. Our software. Your computer. Your printer. W R E S T L E !    

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    The Escape Sports team and our affiliates have direct experience at managing hundreds of wrestling tournaments, large and small. We offer the experience of these folks as professional services to assist in the technology and logistics portions of tournaments. These services include, among other things, tournament logistics design, computer setup and integration, and web integration of the major tournament phases - from registration through posting of final results.  

  Wrestling Ranker   One-Day Events
  This application is designed to make it easy for newspapers to partially automate the phoning in of dual-meet results, to maintain a detailed record of the wrestlers for whom they receive results, and to automatically produce a ranking by weight class.     Escape Sports employees and representatives are available to handle your tournament from the final registration process to completion of the tournament. We will show up at your tournament and manage the bracketing, pairing and results postings for you.